The Nanny Diaries: Incredibly Accurate

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Posted by chelsea

When you’re a nanny, spare time is something not to be squandered away on frivolous things such as watching tv, reading or even just relaxing. No no no, free time is something much too rare and precious for that. It must be spent doing necessary things such as laundry, catching up on email correspondence (a must for me since I’m thousands of miles away from everyone I know), or sleep (if you’re lucky).

So the first mistake I made today when the grandmother showed up and I was granted four blissful hours to myself was that I chose to watch a movie instead of taking a nap. My second mistake was what I chose to watch.

After hearing several people tell me they’d seen The Nanny Diaries and thought of me, I decided I had to check it out for myself and spent the majority of my free time today plopped on my bed in front of my computer screen, entranced that my life might actually be comparable to a movie.

That’s right folks, I subjected myself to living vicariously through a movie that portrayed exactly what I’m living right now in real life. Why? Maybe because I wanted to be able to tell people to watch that movie if they wanted to know what my life is like...or maybe because I’m a very sick and demented person who doesn’t get enough out of being a nanny in real life and must seek it out in make-believe form as well.

I definitely related to most everything in the movie except for the situation with the family. I’m blessed to have landed in a wonderful family that cares quite a bit more for my well-being and happiness than the family did for the nanny in the movie. Also, I live in Athens, Greece…not the Upper East Side in New York City, so the situations involving the culture were much different from how it is here. Some of the specific situations (ex: nanny’s pants being pulled down) were ten times more hilarious to me than they would have been a month ago simply because now I’ve actually lived them.

So, if you’d really like to get a bit more well-rounded in the ways of the nanny, go see The Nanny Diaries…and think of me while you watch it.


the anxiety of influence said...

I've read (and I read) your blog too! When are you coming back to America (even to visit) and will you be coming Philly to see me (among others)?

BW said...

I am so glad you told me about your blog! I am so happy to hear about your stories from Athens. I know it can be both fabulous and frustrating.

Jeff's Photo Blog said...

I am so glad to find your blog. I remember taking all 5 of my kids by my self to see Cheaper by the Dozen at the Rialto. That night I wasn't seeing all of the humor in that movie. We had to sit on the front row, we got there late and as we were walking in Jalen dropped the pop corn and Jamie triped over Jalen in the dark and spilled the drink. I was living the movie in real time in the theater. I hope all is well with you and O look forward to reading more of the blog.

Jeff Montgomery

Ian said...

Have you seen the movie Nanny McFee, or something similar to that. I don't imagine it's too comparable to you since you're not with a single father, nor are you completely hideous. You are, in fact, a gloriously attractive person!

Anyway, I hope Greece is amazing. I'm now a bank teller by day (a student, not crime-fighter by night) and I don't imagine I could watch a movie version of my day-to-day life. Nannying is much more exciting as I can attest having been a "manny" for Dravin and Shannon at the Ganus'.