One isn't always the loneliest number

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Posted by chelsea

After anticipating that The Artemis would be a fairly creepy place to be alone at night, I've been surprised to discover that although there are some especially dark corners and odd noises, it lacks that distinct eerie quality that you'd imagine an old hotel to have after dark.

A lot of that is probably due to the fact that the entire building is made of stone and marble, so there are no creaking floorboards or settling walls to cause you to conjure images of the bogeyman in your head. So far, the scariest things I've come across are Callie the cat (but she has a bell on her collar, so usually I hear her coming) and the ice maker (particularly at that prime moment when it dumps the new ice onto the ice pile).

The HUG group will be back from their cruise tomorrow morning, so the normal hustle and bustle around the hotel will resume, but I've thoroughly enjoyed having this little slice of paradise to myself for a few days.

Aside from the fact that having a hotel in Greece to yourself is possibly one of the coolest things ever, I've discovered a few other key factors that have made me truly appreciate being the only soul wandering the halls this weekend.

I now present, the top five reasons having a hotel to yourself is the coolest thing ever...

5. No noisy neighbors to keep you up at night.
4. You can turn the volume up as loud as you want.
3. There's no one to argue with you about which movie to watch on the big screen.
2. You have the entire pool to yourself.
1. The elevator is always on the floor you left it.

Yes, it's been an enjoyable weekend indeed.

Just minutes after I posted this, the ice maker dropped its load, causing my heart to skip a few beats and sending me a few feet into the air.


BW said...

Having the pool entirely to yourself sounds like heaven to me. I'll bet that you also walked through the lobby and dining room in your swimsuit without a coverup on!! That is very, very cool.

philaphonic said...

strange. we both found new lives in far off places around the same time. and now that you are moving to a new location, I too might be moving. but only to a new apartment.
my roommates are ...well lets just say we aren't extremely compatible so I might be finding a studio somewhere in philly to move to. I think it will be a breath of fresh air so I'm excited at the idea. a place to call my own and not have to share.
glad life is still going relatively well for you.

Danny B said...

Nice catch- you're the first one to find it.

Hope all is well, give me a call when you get back to the States.

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