Behold, the secret behind the ring in the toilet...

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Posted by chelsea

May marks the fifth month that I've lived in Shepherdstown. I didn't honestly know how long I was planning to stay when I moved here, but when Ashley and I stumbled upon the perfect, recently-remodeled-with-all-new-bathroom-and-kitchen-appliances, apartment above the bakery on the main street, I knew I'd be staying at least six months when I signed the lease.

Up until about two weeks ago, Ashley and I had gone the entire time living here without ever cleaning our toilet.

Before you get to thinking I'm just too disgusting a person to ever read my blog again, our reason was this...our toilet just never got dirty. We would clean the outside, but the actual bowl never did get that tell-tale ring indicating that it'd been a bit too long since you took a brush and toilet bowl cleaner to the pot.

Well, just before I went on my trip to Arkansas, I decided it was high time to clean it, regardless of the lack of ring inside and bought some cleaner and a brush.

A week and a half later, there was a ring in the toilet.

So, what I'm suggesting is this: toilet bowl cleaner is a complete and utter hoax that actually causes the ring in the toilet to appear on a regular basis, therefore creating a constant need for more toilet bowl cleaner.

I'm shocked and appalled at this new discovery. This is worse than the one where all the greeting card companies created Valentine's Day.

I want our old "uncleaned" toilet back.

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Brooke said...

I don't doubt your conclusion at all.
I wonder if we could do something about it?
The consumer must be informed!