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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Posted by chelsea

When my sister was here in January, she measured out my apartment inch for inch and drew a nice little diagram of it. She cleaned it up and scanned it into her computer when she returned home and sent me the file.

Since I know a lot of you don't know how my apartment is laid out (it's hard to get across through photos), I will post her lovely little drawing...

I had initially thought it was 300 square feet, but after her calculations taking into account the column (that black thing at the end of the kitchen counter that protrudes into the closet) and some other things it turns out it's around 275 square feet...yipes!

The only thing the drawing is missing is the kitchen sink, which is on the counter towards the top.

I decided to do a little ghetto addition of my own to show how I have my furniture set up...

If you have a hard time seeing anything, you can click to make the photos larger.

So there you have humble existence, on a grid...ha.

PS. First person to tell me what movie the title line is from and who says it wins a virtual pat on the back from yours truly!


Casey said...

Disney's Aladdin (1992)
The Genie played by Robin Williams

Amber said...

Well someone already beat me so no need to comment on the quote.