A photo update at last!

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Posted by chelsea

I should definitely post photos more often than I do...especially if I want to keep claiming to be a photographer. Part of the reason I don't is because I should definitely be taking more photos than I am. I'm working on it.

Tonight I made it out to the county fair to take some shots and blow off some steam from work...
[I now interrupt this blog post to make a very important announcement...*Please tip your servers...it's not our fault if the food takes a long time, and it's definitely not our fault if you choose to be a jerk about it.* Thank you.]

So anyway, I'm happy I made it out to the fair because there were plenty of wonderful photo opportunities.

Behold... (click them to make them larger...it's worth it!)

I loved the sky in this one...

Everything about this screamed, "TAKE A PHOTO!"

Nothing goes together better than sleepy bulls and karaoke...

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Jeff's Photo Blog said...

You should shoot more and post more because those photos are fantastic.