Being land-locked eats my soul

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Posted by chelsea

Needing a break from life, I hopped in the car and drove to Philly on a whim after work on Monday. I've enjoyed my time off immensely, but unfortunately, I have to go back to reality tomorrow.

One of the things that has been getting me down recently has been the fact that I haven't been to the beach once this summer. For a Floridian with an intense love of the ocean, that's almost heartbreaking. Luckily, for me I was able to spend today on the Jersey Shore, reviving my soul after being away from the beach far too long.

It was my first time in New Jersey and I was not disappointed. Then again, I only really saw their beach, but that was enough for me. It was a soul-reviving trip and I feel refreshed just enough to tackle my double double on Friday and Saturday.

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BW said...

Sooo pretty. I love how the recent photos have that 1940s postcard color may be just the computer I am using to view them. Regardless of the reason I do like the way the colors look!!!