Oh the great gyro (yee-roh) debate....

Saturday, June 7, 2008
Posted by chelsea

The owner/chef at Stone Soup recently changed the lunch menu, which I'm happy to announce includes a scrumptious lamb gyro thanks to me.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of our patrons have been pronouncing it jih-roh, as opposed to yee-roh, which is how it's supposed to be pronounced.

I've found myself in a pickle, torn between wanting to take the easy route and pronounce it incorrectly as they do when I repeat back their order, or doing what I know in my heart of hearts is the right thing...which is pronouncing it yee-roh when I repeat it back.

As of yet, I haven't had the ability to swallow my pride on the subject, which causes a bit of confusion on the part of the guest. This has caused some problems when my tables insist upon not only mispronouncing the word multiple times over, but then actually trying to correct me when I say it back differently. I get so frustrated that I almost wish she hadn't put the gyro on the menu in the first place...and it's only been a few days!

Today in fact, I had an old woman get quite mad at me when I wouldn't say jih-roh. We went back and forth, "Jih-roh...yee-roh?...JIH-roh....YEEE-roh....no no no, it's JIIIIH-roh." I lasted a minute or two in this awkward exchange until I finally sighed and said, "Listen, you can say it however you'd like, but I've lived in Greece and as it is a GREEK sandwich, I'm going to go ahead and stick to my guns on this one."

And then the poor old woman got a startled look on her face and said, "JIH-rohs are Greek???"


philaphonic said...

oh chelsea....I've been here before.
there is this great greek place near where I used to live and I would go there all the time and order a "yee-roh" and they made a great one. but many times someone would be infront of me or behind me and would order one too, only they would say it like all dumb americans do and say "jih-roh" It made me cringe.
the owners I guess were just so used to it and know they couldn't change it so they don't bother.
I mentioned it to someone at one of my jobs and this girl and I got into a debate about it, saying "this is america, not greece. It's jih-roh". I said, no, it's a greek dish, so we should say it like the greeks. she asked why then we didn't say "mehico" since that's how it's said in spanish. I asked her why we didn't say "jah-lap-oh-no" which she had early said the correct way. She just walked off but I know I won.

maggie said...

i may have punched her in the face after that one.