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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Posted by chelsea

So I've been absolutely horrendous at updating my blog in the past few weeks. I'll go ahead and blame it on the fact that I've been knee deep in all that comes with moving to a new place, getting settled in and finding jobs.

Despite those excuses, an update is long overdue, so here I am...updating at last.

I'm officially a West Virginia resident, voter's registration card and all. It took a few days to get all of those official things out of the way, but while I was doing so, I managed to land two jobs, score an amazing apartment (conveniently located above one of the jobs and about thirty feet from the other one) and settle into a nice routine that makes me feel as if I've been here for years.

Despite being fairly well settled into our new apartment, we're lacking quite a few essentials in the way of furniture. To remedy this, Ashley (my lovely roommate), her
fiancé Joel and I decided a trip to Ikea was in order. As we were preparing to pile into Joel's truck, I felt a distinct "plop" on the top of my head. Telling myself it was just an acorn, I instinctively grabbed at my head and realized that it was, actually, a fresh batch of bird poop that had landed so precisely in my carefully parted hair.

Screaming in horror, I held out my hand covered in poop and started jumping around yelling "Ew ew ew ew ew!" in an embarrassingly girly display of disgust. I'm not proud, but in my defense, the bird poop was not the usual white goo, but a ruddy brown mess not unlike apple butter. We retreated to Joel's apartment, where I meticulously picked the gunk from my strands and soaped it up with shampoo until I was certain each and every speck was removed.

Attempting to leave for a second time, we ran for the truck, covering our heads for fear that the birds would want another go at it and aim for all three of us this time around. We did make it out safely and poop-free, and later, as we were enjoying our plates of Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries, we came up with all sorts of deep and meaningful explanations for the bird pooping on me. They might have been a bit far-fetched, but we all got a laugh.

I have a lot more to update about, specifically my new apartment and jobs, but I'll do that in the next few days as to not overload you all in one post.


Ian said...

I came into Harding my freshman year with a pretty decently sized afro. During Impact! I was walking to an evening activity, it may have been the candle thing between the Benson and McInteer, and got a fresh load of bird dookie deeply imparted upon the 'fro. It was a sad sad day. I've been bird-pooped on a few times in my life. Welcome to the club!

Is there an Ikea in West Virginia?

Danny B said...

When did you go to West Virginia???

Renee Lewis said...

Did you go to Conshohocken or Pittsburgh Ikea?? If you went to Pittsburgh, you were really really close to my parents!