Getting back into the groove

Thursday, December 20, 2007
Posted by chelsea

I've been busy filling my time with getting back into the groove of my American life and spending as much time as possible at Midnight Oil.

When I wasn't warming my spot on the couch at Midnight Oil in the past few weeks, I was busy buying a car, editing photos, and taking photos.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to photograph Nate and Erin Copeland's week-old baby girl, Kate Copeland. I'm fairly certain that baby photography is now my new favorite kind of portrait photography.

I'm sure after a few more sessions I'd get tired of that too, but hey, I like it right now, so that's all that matters!


Brooke said...


Jeff's Photo Blog said...

Nice light and I just love the feet photo.

Jeff's Photo Blog said...

Hey I saw more of the Kate photos on Facebook this morning. WOW! You did a great job with them.

DoctorVenkman said...

Beautiful photos, as always!

Do you think you might make it to the Ville this Christmas? Shoot me an email if you have time to hang out for a coffee (or 5). Or leave a comment on my blog. I miss you!


Brooke said...

Pixelmator v. Photoshop:

+ Much, much cheaper than Photoshop (only $60).
+ Program opens instantly as compared to the eternity it takes for all CS2 programs to open. I don't have CS3 yet, so I can't compare it to that.
+ I had much better results with Pixelmator's blend modes. Multiply has great color blending.
+ Pixelmator runs more smoothly, because it uses Core Image (which is built in your computer) for its effects, which cuts down on time.
+ Pixelmator's interface is more like Aperture: dark gray, slightly transparent, and rounded corners. It's much more pleasing to the eye and working in it feels better.
+ The interface works differently than Photoshop, but once you get used to it, it feels more intuitive. More Mac-like.
+ The entire program was developed by two brothers who live in London. That's pretty cool.
+/- It's not as stuffed with features as Photoshop, which can be good or bad. It does have all of the necessary features.
- Pixelmator is still in its early stages, so it might have some bugs, though I haven't run across since the beta.

I can't really think of any negatives. I love Pixelmator!

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