Driving in Greece 101

Thursday, August 16, 2007
Posted by chelsea

  1. There is no right on red...ever.
  2. The speed limit is the suggestion, but the general rule is "go with the flow," which is usually at least 20 kilometers above the posted limit.
  3. Motorbikes can do whatever they want for one simple reason...they're smaller than you.
  4. The smaller the vehicle you drive, the better off you are.
  5. In roundabouts, the entering car has the rightaway.
  6. The side mirrors of cars fold in for a very good reason.
  7. Skillful backing up is an extremely important talent, as soom of the neighborhood roads are only wide enough for one car and you'll find yourself in a game of chicken quite often.
  8. The lines separating lanes are merely a suggestion...and by suggestion, I mean decoration.
  9. Park wherever your car fits.
  10. If a stop light is out, just ease into what looks like a pileup waiting to happen and eventually you'll make it through without a scratch.


Coleman Yoakum said...

Aww, Chels I miss seeing you around campus. These driving rules remind me very much of Nicaragua.

DoctorVenkman said...

Yikes, sounds terrifying.

(It's Summer, by the way. Hi!)