100 Things

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Posted by chelsea

I decided that I should update my blog and saw that Renee and Jim had done this and thought it looked thought-provoking, so here goes...

Here are 100 things you may or may not know about me.

  1. I always keep 2-3 backup toothbrushes on hand.
  2. That has turned out to be incredibly useful at times.
  3. I moved to Greece in August to be an au pair.
  4. I spent at least 75% of my time as an au pair hating my life.
  5. The only reason I didn't quit before they "let me go" is because I was afraid to have to move back to the states and be seen as a failure.
  6. I am and always will be "one of the guys" and "the girl that guys are just friends with."
  7. I wouldn't change that for anything.
  8. I prefer peanut butter over syrup when it comes to pancakes and waffles.
  9. Boysenberry syrup gives me hives.
  10. I've been having insomnia paired with intensely bizarre nightmares lately.
  11. I started writing a novel three times this month.
  12. I realized I'm far better at writing blog-sized blurbs than anything novel-like.
  13. These days, my best friend is Callie the Cat.
  14. I talk to Callie in Greek.
  15. I have no idea why.
  16. I watch more tv shows now than I did when I lived in the states and had cable.
  17. When I was back in the states for my sister's wedding, I almost cried when I thought the pecan pie was all gone because it was the single thing I had craved since moving.
  18. I burnt a batch of cookies last night and it almost ruined my night.
  19. The HUG students ate every last one anyway...and told me they loved them.
  20. I have become incredibly attached to each and every HUG student here.
  21. I'm deathly afraid of spiders.
  22. And giant centipedes.
  23. I didn't like strawberry ice cream when I was a kid.
  24. Now it's one of my favorites.
  25. I used to lie a lot.
  26. It's because I couldn't be honest with myself.
  27. It is now one of the things I loathe most in people.
  28. I hate SUVs and automatic cars.
  29. I would be happy if I only ate Greek cuisine for the rest of my life.
  30. I used to be a fantastic oboe player.
  31. I still pick out the oboe in music played in movies.
  32. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I hear it because I miss playing it so much.
  33. I hate having my photo taken.
  34. I am a photographer.
  35. There is not one day that goes by that I don't doubt every decision I've made leading up to this point in my life.
  36. I don't regret any of them.
  37. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.
  38. I only like holidays if I'm spending them with other people's families.
  39. I don't know why.
  40. I refuse to purchase anything from Starbucks in Europe.
  41. I actually really enjoy traveling by myself.
  42. Except when I get stuck next to really disgruntled passengers on a long flight.
  43. I love long road trips by myself.
  44. Those are something I miss from living in the states.
  45. Incorrect spelling is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  46. I get intensely car sick unless I'm in the front seat.
  47. Sometimes people don't believe me and think it's just because I want to ride shotgun.
  48. I have thoroughly researched becoming an expatriate.
  49. I haven't found anything helpful on the subject.
  50. I love kids.
  51. But I don't want to have any.
  52. I'm too afraid they'd turn out like me.
  53. I was horrible as a teenager.
  54. I'm so thankful I can look back on it and grow and change accordingly.
  55. I wish more people could do that about themselves.
  56. I love disco balls.
  57. I used to collect pumpkins as a child.
  58. I would sleep with real live pumpkins.
  59. My mom would take them out of my bed after I fell asleep so they wouldn't fall and crack open.
  60. When I was an au pair, in the mornings when the little girl woke up, I would put her socks on first while she was still in bed.
  61. My mom did that with me when I was little and I didn't remember that until after the girl's mom asked me why I did it.
  62. I absolutely love camping.
  63. The real kind of camping, where you eat rainbow trout that you caught yourself for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you bathe in a frigidly cold river and sleep under the stars.
  64. Sometimes I wish my life were a movie or tv show so there would be a good excuse for all the ridiculous things that happen to me.
  65. I used to be really into cars.
  66. I was a member of a car club and I was voted "Best Car" for my senior superlatives.
  67. I am incredibly proud of my mom.
  68. And my sister.
  69. I didn't used to be, and that makes me sad.
  70. I worked at Baskin Robbins for over two years.
  71. I can make and decorate a mean ice cream cake.
  72. I also consider myself a milkshake and smoothie-making expert.
  73. I was addicted to caffeine in high school.
  74. And in college.
  75. I only have one cup a day now.
  76. I love tangerines.
  77. I hate popcorn in movies.
  78. If I had a superpower, it would be to go back in time just to watch the past...not change it.
  79. I don't talk to my dad.
  80. I used to want people to call me by my middle name.
  81. My middle name is Marie.
  82. I've lived in Greece for exactly three months today.
  83. I've learned more about life from my three months here than I probably have in my entire lifetime.
  84. One of those things is that I'm not immune to loneliness.
  85. Another one of those things is that there is still so much more for me to learn and grow from.
  86. I don't like weddings.
  87. I'm a wedding photographer.
  88. Most of the time, I'd rather photograph a wedding than be in it.
  89. I love cooking elaborate and gourmet dishes.
  90. I really enjoy washing dishes by hand.
  91. I wonder every day about what I'm doing with my life.
  92. Most days I just remind myself that I'm living exactly how I've always dreamed of living life.
  93. I'm a huge procrastinator.
  94. I am obsessed with scarves and fingerless gloves in the winter.
  95. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever settle in any place for more than a year or two.
  96. I don't think it'd be a bad thing if I didn't.
  97. I don't want to get married.
  98. I do want companionship.
  99. I'll probably be a cat lady.
  100. My favorite sound on earth is the sound of tiny pebbles being tossed back and forth over each other by the waves of the ocean.
Well, that was definitely a thought-provoking process. I hope that if you read my blog and have one of your own, you'll consider creating a list of your own.


David E. Baird said...

That is one hundred reasons why i miss having your here. I am not going to lie, Thanksgiving and Christmas break are going to be dull without you at the oil to amuse me.

Danny B said...

Almost every girl I've ever known has said at one point that they were gong to end up being a cat lady

Casey said...

(1) I'm questioning your "100" items when several of them are "I don't know why."
(2) I used to play oboe as well and I listen for it in music. That's so weird.
(3) This is the perfect time for me to tell you that the Counseling office asked me to get in touch of you because they wanted more pictures. I told them first you were out of town, then out of state, and finally out of country. It was funny.

Renee Lewis said...

I can relate to #69...and the oboe... I remember when you first told me that. I don't think I believed you at the time. haha

Brooke said...

That was fun!

I did a list too,
and I felt that I could go on and on.
I think that my favorite thing you said
was that you used to sleep with pumpkins.
It made my day.

Rambling Psychoses said...

That is one of the funniest lists I've read in quite some time.

Thanks for being real.


Ian said...

I just wanted you to know that I read every single one of your answers. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

I too said I would be a cat lady... and I am well on my way!

This was beautiful.

I hope you don't mind being in my wedding.