To Florida and back again

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Posted by chelsea

For those that didn't know, I flew back to the States last Wednesday to attend and photograph my sister's wedding. It took place in Florida and was probably one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever attended (and being a wedding photographer, I've attended many).

My short jaunt in the US ended yesterday when I landed (sans baggage) back in the Athens Airport after a long and sleepless journey back across the ocean. I had anticipated a fairly decent return trip, but I wasn't so lucky.

My flight from Dallas to Zurich was delayed an hour and twenty minutes, putting me down in Zurich only 20 minutes before my flight to Athens was scheduled to depart. After a horrible 9 1/2 hour flight next to a cross-stitching sourpuss, I wasn't about to be stuck in Zurich for 6 1/2 hours (when the next flight to Athens was scheduled), so I hightailed it off the plane, determined to make my connection. Running through the terminal to transfer gates, I hopped aboard an escalator and began taking the stairs two at a time. Getting about halfway up, the tip of my shoe caught on a step and I flew forward into the side of the escalator.

For those of you with any experience in escalator-riding, you're well aware that even though the rubber handrail moves with the stairs, the sides of it are stationary. This particular escalator's sides were made of glass, and I found myself struggling to pull my weight up as my face smeared against the glass siding, squeaking and slobbering (and probably providing a delightful sight for those lucky enough to be on the other side) for a few feet before I gained control of my body once again.

Of course this all happened while I was laughing hysterically at my own clumsiness, so anyone who hadn't seen the actual fall had their attention drawn by me desperately trying to gain composure as I crawled back to my feet and stepped off the escalator. And, as luck would have it, I did make it onto the plane, only to find myself seated next to a fellow that had taken great delight in standing only feet behind me when this all occurred.

So I'm back in one piece, and happy to be resting up from the horrible jet-lag I've been experiencing for almost a week now. I'm meeting with a photographer tomorrow about a possible job opportunity, so keep your fingers crossed!


Scott said...

hahahahaha that story makes me pretty happy. i wish i could have seen that. a lot. make sure and let us know about the job thing. that would be ridiculous

Danny B said...

Do you have a permanent work visa in Greece?

Danny B said...

Good luck with that- I'm researching grad schools, some of which are overseas.